HG Labs 25 years of Excellence  

For a quarter of a century, the professionals of HG Labs have been a vital resource to find cleaning solutions for the general manufacturing industry. Much needed safety and environmental regulations were implemented in the early 80's which prompted many manufacturing plants to challenge our engineers and sales technicians to find high performing, cleaning solution alternatives.

HG Labs has formulated hundreds of products that have created a safer working environment for many companies across the Midwestern US.  HG Labs successful background in formulating environmentally responsible products for industry is now available for your home.

We are pleased to offer our expertise to the everyday household consumer.  Let HG Labs be a part of your everyday cleaning solutions. We continue to engineer products to keep your home a safe place to live so stay tuned for more exciting products to come.

HG Labs wants to make your house a healthy place to live.  We have invested many years perfecting our products in the toughest environment possible. Now, we bring them to your doorstep. A healthy home is vital to healthy living.

Trust our high performing line of household cleaners to keep your home clean and safe! 


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On behalf of the HG Labs team,
we Thank You for the encouragement we have received for our products.
Our mission is to do our part to help keep your families safer and your environment cleaner inside/outside your home or business!
Our pledge is to maintain our high quality and to continue to set the industry standard for
(safe & effective) all-natural plant-based household cleaners.
You deserve the very best…You deserve to live Brightly Green and in Harmony!  

The HGL Staff

Our Guarantee 

Our all natural cleaners are made from natural plants. This means that our products do not deplete the natural resources because all ingredients are 100% sustainable.

All HG Labs products are developed, manufactured and packaged in America and are cruelty free. 

You can reduce your exposure to toxins and hazards within your home, children's school and or workplace with HG Laboratories, LLC products.
Our products are:
. Free of harsh chemicals, vapors or residue
. Plant based
. Kid friendly
. Pet friendly
. 100% biodegradable

Nature's Blend and Balance
All cleaners manufactured by HG Labs contain our unique blend of ingredients that comes from nature: G4E  This blend provides superior cleaning.  Each formula is balanced to achieve optimum performance without causing any damage to the environment

Our Mission
We will be committed to protecting your family and our planet from toxic and harmful chemicals. This will be a cornerstone of our company.  HG Laboratories will be dedicated to providing household cleaning products that are "healthy" and "green". HG Labs will constantly research ways that we can make households brighter, cleaner and greener. 
Our Commitment 
Healthy, because our line of products are natural, non-toxic cleaners without harsh chemicals and toxic fumes that can harm humans and pets. HG labs products are 100% plant derived. There are NO petrol-chemicals, toxic chemicals, perfumes or dyes in our products.

, because our cleaners are 100% biodegradable and will not harm the environment. 100% sustainable and effective! Our cleaners perform as well as or out-perform the harsher cleaners being sold today. You can reduce your exposure to toxins and hazards within your home, children's school and or workplace with HG Labs products.

Our products work as well and or out performs most common cleaners on the market today.