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Harmony All-Natural All-Purpose Degreaser

"No Essential Oils"

All-natural Cleaner and Degreaser for cleaning heavy levels of soil

Harmony All-Purpose Degreaser 32oz

"No Essential Oils"

Ready To Use


All-natural cleaner and degreaser for heavy levels of soil.  Our unique blend of ingredients developed by HG Laboratories LLC.  All ingredients come from nature.  Each formula is balanced to achieve optimum performance and superior cleaning without causing any damage to the environment, and is non-toxic to people, pets and the Earth.  All products manufactured by HG laboratories, LLC are cruelty free and made in America.


Apply to most hard surfaces, including countertops, stainless steel, bathrooms, and outdoor furniture.  Spray on surface and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel or micro-fiber mop, until streak free.


Purified Water, Plant based Surfactants, Ethyl Alcohol (from corn), Solubilizing Agents, Natural Mineral, Food Grade Preservative


CAUTION:  This product is all-natural, but may be an EYE IRRITANT.  Avoid eye contact and KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.