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Harmony All-Natural Aromatherapy Laundry Wash Lavender

"Lavender Essential Oils" 

High Efficiency/Standard 3X Concentrate Ultra, 64 oz. (64 to 100 Loads)

Harmony All-Natural Laundry Wash

Harmony Aromatherapy Laundry Wash Lavender

HE/Standard 3X Concentrate Ultra

64oz = 64 to 100 Loads


Harmony Laundry Wash "Lavender" HE/Standard 3X Concentrate Ultra is good for High Efficiency Washers and is also effective for Standard Washers.  Please use only one ounce for normal size loads.  See directions.  Harmony's natural enzymes combine with the power of natural agents and are all you need for a deep-down clean, as well as a natural high performance stain removal, without chemical residues that can cause skin irritation and fabric damage.  Gentle on your clothes.

Each formula is balanced to achieve optimum performance and superior cleaning without causing any harm to the environment.  Harmony All-Natural Laundry Wash Lavender HE/Standard 3X Concentrate Ultra is superior, or equal, to the harsh chemicals on the market today.  Not only clean...clean in Harmony with the Earth. It is safe for all of your laundry needs.  Also safe for septic tanks.  Harmony cleaning products are plant based and our ingredients come from nature and are 100% free of harsh chemicals, vapors or residue.  Non-toxic to people, pets and the earth.  100% biodegradable and sustainable.


Fill washer 1/2 full with water.  For normal loads, add 1 ounce (1/2 up the cap ribs, or top of the shadow as you look into the cap.)  Add two ounces for heavier loads (top of cap ribs).  3X concentrated.  Use sparingly.  For heavy stains, pour designated amount on stain, rub lightly and wash normally.  Your laundry will come out fresh and deep-down clean.


Sodium Laryl Sulfate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Cocamidopropyl   Betaine
Sodium Citrate
Amylase   9000-90-2
Melaleuca   Alternifolia Leaf Oil
Natural   Fragrance


CAUTION:  This product is all-natural, but may be an EYE IRRITANT.  Avoid eye contact and KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.